That dress

“A woman’s dress should be like a barbed-wire fence: serving its purpose without obstructing the view. ” Sophia Loren.
What we wear tends to define us in the eyes of other people. It shouldn’t, but it still continues to do so.

If you wear something tight and short an automatic assumption is flirty and sexy, maybe a little wanton. Or power dresser, in control, flaunting but not revealing.

If you wear total coverage, flat shoes, maybe a prude, a little self concious and not open. Lacking in ambition and drive.

Even in this day and age of “equality” and  more relaxed attitudes, the preconceptions are still hovering over how people perceive  others in what they wear and how they look.

I saw an article in the UK press recently which of course sent my internal grrrr to combustulation point.

It was regarding a agency worker (female) who took an assignment at a company and upon her first day starting was told to go home and change her shoes, or pop out and buy some new ones. If she didn’t, not to return!

Basically she turned up for work in flat shoes and the expectation was that she should (must) wear heels. 

She won her case and the employer had to reconsider changing its policies. Which frankly I would call sexist and totally disengenuous to any woman in the workplace. 

I used to wear heels and now I wear flats. It’s made absolutely no difference to my ability to do my job or the brain I have in my head. In fact, it means I get around a lot quicker (because I can walk ) and for me personally being comfortable means I’m more productive. 

That said, I have friends who find the reverse, they can’t walk in flats and can walk better in heels.

Moral of this story……clothes are just a minor detail and do not define a person.

But I do so love this little red dress, and I will wear heels with this.


Red ddress.jpg


Credits :-




Lara Hurley


Lara Hurley

Dress “Bodysuit Lace dress”  ISON



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