I must I must decrease my bust

 So, summer is around the corner and the one thing on most women’s minds is shifting a pound or two, or three or four. 

I’m one of those women and frankly I’ve woken up today and asked myself why we spend a great portion of our lives fixated on what we look like?

Why are we so obsessed with what we look like? 

It makes absolutely no real difference to the value of life and the people we live and care about. Or does it?

Being fit and healthy does mean a better quality of life and it does mean the ability to physically achieve more. However the obsession we have with being a certain size actually seems to perpetuate our need to look different to what we actually are and it’s absolutely crazy. Because it’s that same obsession which then leads to weight gain and a lifetime of yo yo diets and health issues.

It’s funny I don’t recall my mum ever worrying about her weight. I never saw her say no to a slice of cake or a nibble of a biscuit. She never had a weight issue. 

Yet from the age of around 15 I started to obsess in trying to look like the girl in my class that I considered beautiful.

I wasn’t fat looking back. In fact I was never plump until post children, yet I placed such restrictions on myself .

I’m waking up today and considering the fact that I’ve wasted a large portion of my life feeling concerned that I should look like someone else, when in fact there really isn’t anything wrong with who I am. Crazy! It’s taken me near a lifetime to work that one out.

Like a lot of women I equated what I look like to whether I’ve had successful relationships. Again, crazy.

So today I’m going to stop obsessing and just live. It doesn’t matter that I don’t have the body of an athlete. After all I’m not an athlete. What does matter is the example I set to my daughter and all the other young women out there who may think they have to look like someone they’re not. 

We are all beautiful in many different ways. Embrace it.

Have a lovely Friday. X





Credits :-

The body is all Mesh by Maitreya

CATWA is my “Gwen” head

My cute little ears are MANDALA THE “UNISEX[MANDALA]STEKING_EARS_Season 5”

Skin is “Christy Dark” by Lara Hurley

Eyes “Paradise  – Promise” IKON

Hair “Bucket Hat” Argrace

Boots “Martens” ::ROC::

Outfit “Elsa” Dead Dollz


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