That sign

I visited the Fife farming show and this sign of all things just absolutely keeps making me laugh.

It’s the sign for the area for archery if you fancy having a go. I decided to not participate given I’d lose the court case!!!

Not really, I couldn’t aim if I tried.

Despite weather forecasts for dismal and rain, it’s actually been pretty gorgeous here and I’m loving it. 

If I could and it was simple I’d happily stay. But I think my friend may argue on that one lol.

I’m sure he will be happy to see the back of me as I’m a decided pain in the buttocks at times and having to entertain me must be tiresome. He is a great host.

I adore him and would stay.


6 thoughts on “That sign

  1. Gorgeous photos from your day out. I think the sign was right on point because people sometimes have a stubborn tendency to not pay attention and read the atmosphere. xo

      1. I published a post called Washing Instructions featuring a laundry tag text superimposed on one of my paintings. It says, “remove child before washing” the item. Alarming but not unusual.

      2. I know, right? I was in fits of giggles for a whole week. Thank you for adding a new one to my collection of funny signs. xo

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