Ready to go

Ok so I over packed a little bit. A girl has to be prepared for every eventuality!

I am most prepared and then I also included the kitchen sink, just in case….

Few disasters this morning. My good friend who was taking me to the airport has come down ill. I mean the throwing up kind of ill. So after much phoning around, her husband is kindly taking me.

Now on top of that the flight keeps having delays being text to me and they cant seem to make up their minds on the delay so I will go by the original time as that is a safe bet.

Now my case. yes I have packed the entire kitchen sink in it and then some. Come on its Scotland, what on earth do you wear up  there? So for each day I have something in case its cold and then something lighter in case its warm. So over packed? Yes  I would say so.

So my trusty map is at the ready . My camera and ipad thrown in  and I’m fairly prepared I would say. PASSPORT!!! OMG yes cant forget that.

Although, do I need one on a domestic flight? Ahh don’t know but will take it none the less.

So bon voyage and my pixel will return in a week. In the meantime the real me will be updating on here .




Leaving 2.jpg

Credits :-

Head “Gwen” CATWA

Body “Lara” Maitreya

Ears “Steking” MANDALA

Skin “Christy Dark” Lara Hurley

Jeans “Mia” Blueberry

Top “Jocelyn” Blueberry

Poses : Bon Voyage Sari Sari

Hair Luxe Box May Magika


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