I wish

Right now as I bounce along on the bus headed to work, I would gleefully trade today for a sun soaked relaxing day on some tropical island just doing what the heck I wanted.

When I left work yesterday I said to my colleagues “Dont  mind if I’m in late tomorrow, it’s because I won the lottery and will need the lay in to get over it”.

Clearly that didn’t happen at all because I’m now sat on the bus going to said institution for sending people insane.

Yes I really would have still gone into work if I won. Why? Because my mischevious side would have enjoyed anarchic behaviour in the workplace, even for a day. With the total knowledge of knowing I really could say what I’ve been absolutely desperate to say to a few managerial bullies. Knowing that there was nothing they could do. 

I’m sure many people feel this at times. I feel it a lot of recent times as the organisation that I work for, despite being a public authority, contains the largest number of incompetent, self absorbed bullies I have ever come across in my working life.

You expect this in private sector work but not in public sector. Tax payers pay for this!! Shocking.

So sadly I can’t wreak havoc just yet. 

Maybe tomorrow?

In the meantime, I will pop on my virtual persona, slip into a bikini and swim in the warm blue sea.
Credits :-

Bikini Erratic

Hair “Mayu” Argrace

Head “Gwen”CATWA

Body “Maitreya Lara” Maitreya


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