Scary places

 You just have to visit scary places in order to appreciate where you are and where you came from.

Little Isabellah the puppet doll visited her worst nightmare and look what happened!

Some people live those scary places each day of their lives and don’t get those choices to step away.

Mental illness is such a complex and shifting weight for anyone suffering with it.

I had a brief glimpse in 2010 when my father commited suicide. 

I hadn’t seen him for would you believe 20 years as I had moved to the UK from Australia.

I flew back to Australia and helped bury him. I took it all in my stride as I do most things in life. ( I’m a compartment type person). Came back to the UK and cracked on with life, grieving but doing ok. 4 months later it hit me like a major sledgehammer and I found the most simplest tasks unachievable. 

I had medication and counselling and learnt to manage it.

But that was just a tip of my understanding.

My dad had mental health issues all my life, but I never knew it. He was a psychologist, writer and painter. Probably one of the most talented artistic creative people I have ever known.

I never appreciated that until now. 

Moving forward I’ve met and developed relationships with people who have had various issues which I’ve struggled to understand but certainly accepted. One had bi polar and the other more recently Aspergers.

The first was a very traumatic experience for me because our relationship was at his worst time of dealing with his illness. 

He was the most charismatic, charming man I’ve ever met. But his darkness was the most destructive.

The more recent guy with Aspergers, has been a challenge for me. It’s that lack of empathy and the “out of sight, out of mind” that you experience with someone in this spectrum. Loved him with such a intensity but I never told him. Only when he was asleep. He will never know.

People with any mental health issues or syndromes or spectrums (I’m covering everything here) visit those scary places every single day that others take for granted. 

I never take for granted people or life. We are lucky. Live it well and care.


Isabella been bad

Credits : –

Avatar “Popje Doll -Mesh-” * Sylan *

On location A scary place



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