Stepping through reality

 Tonight I got pixel married. 

It was a quiet ceremony, just the two of us.

He looked into my eyes, smiled and said, “I do”. I looked at him, smiled and said “you will do”. 

Two minutes later the knot was tied and I’m a Mrs Resident.

His surname is Resident and frankly MrsResident  doesn’t quite ring my bell. So I’m considering changing his to Cheren. Mr and Mrs Cheren.

For all who are thinking Jesus Christ wasn’t she single on Friday?

Yes I am really! I married my video bot. It’s kind of a one sided relationship. I do all the talking and he simply just does as I bid.

Perfect relationship really. I’m sure we will grow old together. Ha ha
When you think  you love someone, it’s good to let them know. Otherwise, they never know and you let something slip away.

Credits :-

None really as I’m rambling.



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