On the bus

I decided to ramble as I’m stuck on a bus in gracious amounts of traffic and before I   kick that dude next to me who is jumping around on the seat next to me, thought I’d distract myself. It’s s gorgeous day here in the UK. Just perfect. Shame it was mostly spent in an office working. 

But, to be fair, I’ve got two days to get that enjoyment slotted in now.

I stared out the bus and was transported back to a year ago when I first met someone. He only just walked past, much like the first time I ever saw and met him. Funny how you think Christ when you see  someone who you feel for. It’s a chapter I had to close because he was never able to give what I wanted. I did try, but when it becomes like you feel you’re alone in a feeling then you realise stop trying and so I did.

Little things  like this make me feel sad, probably because that minor detail of mutuality, if that wasn’t an issue, a good relationship would have happened.

But I’m too old for waiting etc etc so if someone slightly scratches my feelings to hurt, they have to be erased from my life.

I give a lot of myself “, so I expect at least 75% back. Not really a big ask.

Life is too short for what ifs.

So as I’m on this bus I’m thinking I’m actually single as there is nothing going on in my life in regards relationships right now. Summer is coming and oh my god, I’m going to embrace it and check the male population out both virtually and reality as you never know. 

Have a great weekend and my virtual me will come back next post.

‘Hair by Loreal

Smile by goid feelings

Skincare by Nivea

Age 50


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