I had a dream

 Ok so I woke up this morning startled by a dream of me fishing. Yeah go figure on that. This is the girl who would rather see her fish already grilled with a side salad and twist of lemon.

None of that icky pre stuff.

Having said that when I was younger I used to fish all the time. But then I’m Australian and lived that lifestyle for half of my life. 

But I moved to the UK in my twenties and have accustomed myself nicely to many of the habits here. One of them being preferring my fish already on the plate.

 The Aussie in me still very much exists. The open mind, the friendliness, the accent apparently as well. The respect for the sun as well. I’m continuously amazed that people still oil their bodies for that tan!!!

I guess it’s true your roots never leave you really and even when I dream, I’m always back home. (That includes the roots in my hair!)

I have visited both Famshed and Chapter Four in the past few days and seriously am impressed by both the freeby gifts and what I purchased.

It’s fair to say right now I have 3 crates of stuff. Fantasy Faire, Famshed and Chapter four and so every blog I do here in for a hundred years will have something in to share from these events.

Today it only seemed fitting to flaunt my body in the fab bikini from .miss Chelsea. Which is a free gift at Famshed.

Note I wear it pretty well. It’s like it was made for me. 

Happy Friday everyone. I’m smiling. The sun is out and I’ve got fish for dinner tonight when I get home. 

And in case you are wondering, yes I’m blogging on a bus.



Baja Bay.jpg



Bikini “Neve Bikini” .miss Chelsea

Hair “Bucket hat tomoe” Argrace

Body    Maitreya Mesh “Lara” Maitreya


Eyes   IKON Promise – Paradise  IKON


Skin   Lara Hurley  “Christy Dark” Lara Hurley


On location in Baja Bay



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