The other side

 Some days I like to just go to the “other side”.

What do I mean by that? Simply, visit the opposite of me and my life. 

So, today the opposite would be that instead of being on this bus going to work, I would be on an island somewhere instead, not a care, basking in sunshine.

Could I do that full time?! Give me a second and I’ll think about that.

 God yes!!

Seriously as much as  I may like the work ethic thing, the other side of me would love to spend my days doing whatever the heck I wanted. Carefree of the worry about minor details such as financing that lifestyle of course.

Reality is a harsh factor and I guess for many of us if we escape in our own minds, then that becomes something.

Clearly, I escape a lot!

Although don’t get me wrong my life is good and I’m happy. I just also know it could be even better.

But then isn’t that part of the fun of life?Wanting  more and striving towards it?

So as I’m sat on my bus this morning. Getting irritated by the lady I fondly call fag ash Lil. Frankly stinks like an ashtray and always chooses to sit next to me. 

There are other seats lady!

So, as I sit here I consider where my next journey will take me and how long that particular flight in my mind will last.

It’s a beautiful day. 





Outfit “Perry Romper” Addams

Sandals “Mikonos” {Kokoia}

Body “Maitreya Lara” Maitreya


Hair “Guusje” MINA


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