The Dark Fae

As she sat locked in her room. Sienna felt somewhat melancholic.  She had everything she needed within these walls. Her bird Simion sang the music she heard and her imagination took her to places she had never been before.

But if only, she could for one day just walk out the door and find what was on the other side.

Ps the video is the Cussy version of this song. So no little people listening.






darkfae 2


Credits :-

Dress “RenRen” The Dark Fae

Hair “Mandy” MINA

Body    Maitreya Mesh “Lara” Maitreya

Eyes   IKON Promise – Paradise  IKON


Wall Art “Believe” RARE The Dark Fae

Bed and Chaise “Linda Pink/Gold” Opassande

Bird cage “Antique Birdcage” Eccentric Ephemera


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