Princess Fallon

As she stood by the well waiting. She realised he  would never come but for only when he needed her.

Yet again he had let her down.  She had hoped and wished that what he had said had been true and real, that he wanted something. That he perhaps did love her.

But actions speak much louder than words. He had run again.

She would leave for the hills and give herself to the one who asked for her hand. 

There would be no other choice. 

She had to be married before the king returned.


Princess F BLOG.jpg





Dress GW Princess Fallon Gypsy Wolf

Hair “Helen” MINA hair


Body    Maitreya Mesh “Lara” Maitreya


Eyes   IKON Promise – Paradise  IKON


Skin   Lara Hurley  “Christy Dark” Lara Hurley Skins

Location “Frisland” FrislandFrisland

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