My personal assistant



He is in fact my Linden approved bot used for video and now of course photo moments.

Despite searching the pixel  universe for     a real person to use and abuse for machinima and visual I found that wasn’t an easy task. So, I meshed this bad boy up and frankly he is the perfect male subject. 

He doesn’t answer back, has no diva moments, makes no requests for unlimited anything in his dressing room and the best bit?

No matter what time of day, what occasion, he is ready willing and able. Even better he is and does what I ask of him and happy to be stared at like the pretty thing he is. 

Tonight, I’m teaching him to cook, polish and vacuum.

Next week, I may just marry him and live in wedded bliss. Honeymooning somewhere like Baja Bay may be nice.

I am kidding of course. We will stay home for the honeymoon!



He is the perfect compliment to my day out wearing this rather pretty number which when I yanked out the box I thought excellent, in time for the spring. 



Credits :-

Don’t forget to visit The Fairie Lands raising money for wonderful work in treatment of cancer.

Outfit “Dellhaven Sprite Dress set” !The White Armory

Hair “Kelly” Platinum  “D!va”

Shoes “Kingston High Wedge Sneakers” Mesh Agency

Body    Maitreya Mesh “Lara”


Eyes   IKON Promise – Paradise  IKON


Skin   Lara Hurley  “Christy Dark” Lara Hurley

Necklace “Seraph Pendant” !Musa!

Pose “Summertime Bicycle Pose” [What next]


Male Model “TMP” mesh dude who doesn’t say a whole lot.


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