The naughty Capricorn

 I was talking to one of the ladies at work who disapears every hour for her “break”.

Her break is her nicotine addiction that she partakes in.

Well now days she is using one of those vape devices which frankly creates that much smoke I’m not surprised if a fire engine is called by accident very soon!

She was explaining to me how she had been smoking since she was 16 and it had been very difficult for her each time she has tried to give up.

Currently she is attempting to and still has to have a crutch in a the form of the vape in order to transition.

I’ve never understood the addiction because Ive never smoked.

But, being a real food person, the word diet gives me major heebie jeebies and so I guess in that respect I get the difficulty because I struggle with saying no.

My mum smoked for 45 years before she died. She had a heart condition and this in turn her arteries were diabolical. Despite knowing she could die she just couldn’t give up.

So, that made me realise that offering support is all you can do. Being judgemental doesn’t help and indeed can make it worse as people then feeling they have failed, hide their habits. Much like foodies.

So my colleague who puffs on her vape in the quest to give up, I admire for her constant quest to try and change her habits.

Never assume you know best, because the  expectation you may have in someone, could very well be the most difficult of battles they face. Support and encourage.

So my little Capricorn girl represents all the people I know who struggle trying to overcome any addiction.

I wish them absolute success and in turn good health.



The naughty cap 2.jpg



Outfit “Capricorn Mono”  Jinx

Hair “Julie” MINA

Body    Maitreya Mesh “Lara”  Maitreya


Eyes   IKON Promise – Paradise  IKON


Skin   Lara Hurley  “Christy Dark” Lara Hurley Skins
The White Armory for their lovely backdrop



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