Staring in from outside

The white Rose she clutched in her hand symbolised their last moment together.

Already it was showing signs of disappearing as it naturally began to decompose. 

As she clutched it tightly between her fingers,  Xalia knew that once it finally wilted away, she would have to face the reality that he had gone.

Markus had left to fight alongside the king and no word had been heard since. The king was missing and it was believed he was dead.

Xalia stared back to the home they shared, standing on the brink of past and future.

Tomorrow would be another day, maybe then ……



Xylia 2.jpg


Dress and collar “Xylia Onyx” Les Encantades

Hair  “Angelica” “D!va”

Body    Maitreya Mesh “Lara” Maitreya


Eyes   IKON Promise – Paradise  IKON


Skin   Lara Hurley  “Christy Dark” Lara Hurley Skins


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