The Junior priestess

She waited for what seemed a long time for this moment, yet it had only been a matter of moments.

Her road into becoming a priestess had indeed been a long way but it was a blink in the eye in reality to her.

The goddess of wisdom had seen Isabelle and knew she was ready to make the step, but it was a step Isabelle did not realise until only a brief few moments ago would be hers to take.

For Isabelle had been chosen but never told. Her father wanted her childhood to be simple and without magic and sorcery. He only wanted her to experience life itself before she became immortal.

As he watched her take her staff and orb, he knew his little girl was no more. She had now become something far more than the little village could contain and he knew she would leave to explore the universes.

All courtesy of The Fantasy Faire Make sure you run for the ride when it opens tomorrow


blog 2 small.jpg


Hat  LOVE Midnight Lotus Headress  LOVE Roleplay and Fantasy Store

Dress *IO* Arlia  *Independant Objects*

Pose in main picture is Poseidon  Priestess  Poseidon Poses

Hair  D!va  Judy blonde

Body    Maitreya Mesh “Lara”

Eyes   IKON Promise – Paradise


Skin   Lara Hurley  “Christy Dark”


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