The laughing cat

Well this is Bondi my male ragdoll cat.

I’m not really going to talk about Bondi but only to say that he often pulls this face and I’m sure he is laughing and often at my expense.

Last night my time in SL was not able to be spent transporting around the pixelated universe taking photos of amazing places etc for today’s blog.

In fact it was spent catching all the wonderful gifts that I have been sent as one of the bloggers for the Fantasy Faire which begins this week on the 21st April and runs through till 1st May.

When all these wonderful things kept coming in, I just simply stopped and started rezzing and my god am I just a little excited. Suffice to say like a child about to get candy floss!

I can’t wait to show you!

So for today and tomorrow there may be a hush from me as I prepare my little pixel person for the strenuous blogging of a wonderful event  which helps raise awareness and money for a worthy cause to support the American cancer society.

This is to be my first blog which isn’t about me rambling and so a little nervous at the prospect and of course wanting to do it justice. Watch this space…..
All things magical are about to happen.

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