Think outside the box

Think outside the box!

One of those hip sayings floating around the past few years.

Ive been wondering that phrase for an age now. People say it often in corporate settings and it’s a bit like when politicians sit in parliament. “Here here here” is uttered the minute someone uses that phrase.

Frankly the idea that people with brains don’t think “outside a box” seems pretty daft to me.

What they’re saying is that you are afraid to give your own ideas, so you played it safe by saying the “expected”. 

That certainly doesn’t mean that person who doesn’t think “outside the box” hasn’t ideas. I think they’re just treading carefully.

People play it safe for many reasons. Fear of negative feed back, of their ideas being misunderstood etc. So when I hear that phrase that so and so doesn’t think “outside the box” it makes me wonder why they don’t and actually if quite rightly they do have an abundance of ideas but are too cautious to share them.

Apparently I think “outside the box”. Well that was said in my recent work appraisal to me. I’m valued because of this.

Absolutely ridiculous as that other person who doesn’t appear to think outside the box is equally as valuable!

The only difference is that Im vocal. It has nothing to do with great ideas etc. I’m a union representative as another facet to my job so I’m guessing that’s where my loud mouth comes from. However bear in mind I’m also shy at the best of times.

I’d love to see that phrase disappear in the corporate world as it just labels people unnecessarily and for some places immense pressure on them to have to prove that they can take risks.

Apparently I should put credits in my posts and to that end they’re usually on the side bar.

However I’ll do a ramble here as well. Bearing in mind I usually do my posts on a bus, this will prove interesting as to my memory.

Photographed on location in my Inverse destiny beach home.

I’m wearing Mina hair which was incredibly simple to brush this morning.

I’m wearing a Just Because tank top and a pair of Blueberry jeans. Knickers belong to Maitreya as does this perfect body.

My head belongs to CATWA and is Gwen using Lara Hurley dark tan appliers.

The pose is my very naughty Dutchie desk that frankly has the best animations in. You will see shortly in one of my next videos, although I guess I can’t show the naughty bits.


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