“You either walk with your head held high or you simply drag those heels like a lead weight.”. My mum often said this to me.

I’m often accused of the lead weight drag.  It’s just that sometimes I like not giving a damn and taking my time without any pressures. Enjoying a moment so to speak.

That’s one of the reasons I like visiting pixel planet . I can meander and do as I please.

Usually it’s a solitary journey I  take. I do love company along the way, but I don’t seek it out so it rarely finds me. That is also mirrored in my real life.

As I said yesterday, who my avatar is virtually, is precisely who I am realistically.

Dragging heels is something we all know that young children are known to do. But, actually it doesn’t belong to only children, a lot of adults I know also share this. It’s just a way to make a moment last longer, not leave something that at the time feels good. I’m pretty sure we all do this often and don’t realise it.

Nothing wrong with that at all, as long as we don’t take too long.




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