Believe in 

This post is reality and virtuality.

Sometimes you have to step back and just reassess. 
Life and all that comes with it means all human beings do this at some stage or another. 

Some do their reassessments based on knowing themselves and knowing when it’s needed. Others wait for a smack in the face to realise they need to regroup or rezone.

I’m the first. I tend to know when something needs me to redress it  so I follow the right path for me.

I’ve always been that way. I’m pretty open and discuss situations, seek advice etc. BUT always follow my own advice. Therefore I can never blame someone else if things  go tits up .

I do believe many people don’t trust their own gut instincts when really they should. Human beings were designed to fight to survive, we have done so since we first landed here. So what I don’t understand is how many people have lost faith in themselves and their own instincts.

Maybe it’s a sign of modern life and how we have disengaged steadily from reality.

 It’s a shame as every day I see people who walk around scared to trust, scared to feel, scared to take chances.

Life only happens the once and I believe in living it, trusting yourself. Don’t listen to the negatives from other people who walk in life viewing it from one perspective.

Everything we do in life leaves footprints, we leave our marks for those that come after us, take chances and dream a can do anything you want, be anything you want. Just believe in yourself.

If we didn’t then my God wouldn’t our existence be ultimately boring?

I’m not afraid to be me, after all it is who I am. I don’t hide behind the avatar. She becomes me.



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