That red dress

The red dress sybolizes both a difficult week and at the same time some excellent news I received yesterday.

I mentioned a number of weeks ago about going into law. Well, yesterday I received my acceptance paperwork.

I start my Employment Law Diploma on the 27th April . Cutting it fine, but I was already prepared as I had deep down believed they would accept me. After all, I can multi task like you have never seen. Someone has to have faith in me, even if it’s only me.

I shall be working, studying, blogging, making films and producing music. I am woman, hear me roar. 🙀

I’m so pleased I could clap like a penguin right now. Sometimes, a thing like this certainly gives me faith in perseverance and after a low ebb brings me back .

Which leads me to say this red dress from “Just Because”, is absolutely perfect if I could get one in RL I would be definitely clapping like a penguin.

Still, it’s the perfect date dress and I’ll just have to find a date to show it off.





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