Summer Holiday

We’re all going on a summer holiday

No more worries for a week or two…..

So the song goes.

I visited Mina’s hair and frankly the beach scenery made me think of holidays.

Ive booked to visit Scotland next month.

Not exactly sunshine and palm trees but have a few friends up there and Spring is a great time to catch up. I’ve been meaning to go for a long while. One of those places where so close, yet you don’t go. So this time I am going. 

I’m looking forward to haggis and bagpipes and accents I don’t understand.

I got called a dreamer last night.

I am. I like to dream and imagine wonderful things. Reality is too much of a beatch to not have dreams to aspire to.

I like to pretend I’m anything I want to be. I know reality as I live it every day so why not dream.

I’m a single woman, with dreams like most people and some come true. Others, well they take longer and others, they just never happen.

The best bit? Is knowing that when I go to sleep at night, the next day Ive still got more things to discover and dream about.

The second best thing, loving someone and it not mattering if they feel the same. Just knowing that having that feeling means your alive.





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