How I feel

Woke up today and this image is precisely where I find my head this morning.

Not literally of course, because that’s not possible as I’m writing this.

Just metaphorically how I feel.

I’m having in real life terms a very tough time at the moment. I can’t speak about it, because it’s confidential. But I can allude to it if I want.

When I took on being a union rep in the real life work place, I was never really prepared for all it entailed. But, hey I cracked on with it and became by all accounts a pretty good rep today and my ethics are very much central to anything I do.

Some people have no ethics and that has been a difficult thing for me to digest and put in perspective.

I’ve learnt along the way that the higher a person aims on a career path, the less ethical they become and the more insidious.

Not everyone is like that, I don’t mean it to sound as though they are. But in general it seems once a person tastes that ladder and once they realise the power of influence to be had, ethics and decency go right out the window.

Sadly in the role I do, I’ve learnt to be disappointed, angry and sad at the things I’ve learnt. 

People do not comprehend how a person can suffer immensely as a result of work and persons at work. The impact that can have on them can be completely devastating. Situations go unnoticed and it’s only in hindsight when a person is driven beyond their tolerance does anyone sit up and take notice.

But they only take notice temporarily, and then it’s like Groundhog Day, revert to type.

If you know or see anyone in the workplace being bullied, intimidated or ignored. Reach out to them, give them a moment. Tell someone. Don’t ignore it by burying your head in the sand. 

Someone in pain because of work should never happen.

So today’s post is more real life but we should always remember real life because without it, our virtual realities would not exist. 


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