On a moon trip

I logged into SL last night and suddenly received these lovely hud driven shorts.

I’ve always been a wearer of FashionNatic and so have a few key items in my little pixel wardrobe. These just added nicely to them thank you very much.

I’ve said it before, dressing up in my pixel paradise is one of my most fave things to do.

Not sure, it must go back to those days when I was young and I used to line my dolls up and get them dressed up to walk around our back garden. So my avatar although is of course the striking resemblance of the RL me, she is also my little doll to play with.

Actually, that just sounded wrong. But you know what I mean. 🙀

I’ve just woken up in the real world and next to me is a 8 month old baby kicking me in the head. Gurgling away, playing with his toy mirror, looking at himself.

Strangely I just had a thought. In the future what will his avatar be wearing?



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