Erotica in the virtual world

It can be amazing!!

I don’t mean the general cheap thrill that appears to draw so many. I mean the actual visual art of it. The dancing, the physics of the avatar, the sensuality that the pixelated images can invoke if done properly.

I’ve seen so many beautiful sims that invoke that imagery. That are fine very tasteful and a lot of time and thought has gone into creating the ambiance behind them.

The music in the background, the theme. All make a  destination successful.

That’s what I’m talking about.

I love dancing in SL and frankly it doesn’t matter if I’m on my own or not. Most though I am on my own as I tend to be a solitary person. But it doesn’t matter. The music and the animations just simply entertain me.

Sometimes along the way visiting these places I get to talk to people around the world and hear how they enjoy different aspects of the sensual side if SL.

It’s always interesting and an honour to listen to people.

Then I make videos. 



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