When you stare into nothing

But then suddenly all springs to life.

When you think of virtual reality, it’s all a bunch of pixels on a screen that numerically are strung together to create a picture. One pixel wrong in that picture then the rest kind of goes wrong.

Well that’s how I used to think.

Now, it’s not just a bunch of pixels numerically strung together. It’s about human souls and emotions putting energy into that screen.

Many people, even those who spend large chunks of their time themselves on the internet    often criticise others for their reliance on this modern means of communication. I know, I was once one of them quite some time ago.

What I have come to realise is that for some people it’s their only means of contact with other human beings for many reasons. For example disability, mental health, loneliness or even just geographical distance from other people.

For me, I’m not particularly alone in this world. I have many friends, good friends. Family, and  a full real work life. I’m involved in many real world projects helping others and so I don’t quite fit any real niche category. So, I’m going to err on the side of my creative side and because I like to escape the real work stresses. And maybe a little loneliness thrown in.

I’m not unique in that way as there are many others like me.

Some escape to find themselves, others escape to be themselves.

There are timid people, loners, artists, theatrical, melodramatic, happy, sad, intelligent, bullies, kind, nurturing, spiteful, narcissistic, angelic. There are so many varieties of people that enter the virtual world that actually it’s starting to mirror the real world.

The most important thing is that people learn something new. Otherwise, why bother?


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