Lets pretend

I’m going to pretend that everything is peachy and the world looks just like the front pages of a Mills and Boon romance novel. 

Of course then I wake up and realise that dream I just had, was only that, a dream.

The past few days I’ve decided to disappear into being something I’m not just to see if I could. 

It’s not hard to pretend you are someone else and pretend that your feelings have gone. But, it’s not long before it all floods back and you realise that what you wanted wasn’t real. Because the other person made it clear that it didn’t exist. 

Then that person became someone you never knew. 

Part of me believes in true love and magic butterflies and rainbows, but then the rest of me knows they don’t exist.

So what am I left with? 

Just myself. Where I started.

The bot and I.





One thought on “Lets pretend

  1. It takes a while sometimes to see what’s real about another person and what is the persona they wanted you to see. It always comes out eventually though. Love your heart Isa ❤


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