Glass half full

Its often said that what we want is what we get.

I’m not sure I believe that 100% as often I never get what I want. In fact its damn rare that I do.

What I do get is close to or maybe 75% of what I wanted in the first place. Often feeling like I’ve been short changed somewhere along the line.

I do wonder if that is how it is meant to be or if there are people out there that really achieve 100% of what they set out to get? Do they get bored once they have everything they want? Is it easy to find something else to aim for?

I don’t think I have ever come across a person who said they weren’t still seeking what they wanted or that they indeed had it?

I know my glass is always have full/empty. I do often wonder what that saying means at the same time. Because to me having a glass half full/ half empty suggests that I either need topping up, or need to drink a little faster!


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