Happy Easter

No matter what walk in life and what religion or culture, finding time for loved ones and friends is important.

For Christians Easter is one of those moments and it affords in some countries public holidays from work, school etc to be able to find that time to be with people.

It really doesnt matter what you believe in terms of religion to enjoy time spent.

For me this long weekend is time off from work, a moment to catch up on relaxation and perhaps give more thought to the things I love to do.

I will be spending time with family and friends, some close by and some distant in one form or another over the next few days.

Chocolate? Goes without saying. I’m addicted to chocolate and if Easter is a good excuse to eat some, so be it, I shall.

Don’t try and remove that chocolate. I can suddenly run like a ninja!

There is of course inside of me the thoughts I will give to how we came to be here and why. But those are my individual thoughts not based on religion or society, but simply I like everyone else, want to know.

Will I ever know? Probably not till another life. But in the meantime, I intend to have a wonderful Easter and enjoy the time that this holiday gives us from the rat race.

I hope you do too.






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