Let’s never underestimate the importance of finding things that make you happy.

We all have lives that have varying complexities and difficulties which can stretch us and make us question a lot of whys.

The one thing I have learnt is the absolute importance of finding those things you can do for you, that make you smile, relax and simply feel recharged.

For me it used to be reading a good book.

When I say good, I don’t mean educational. I simply mean fantastical that I can disappear inside and find myself transported somewhere I have never been.

Now days I spend more time living a fantasy, but a slightly different one.

I am Isabelle the 75 inch pixelated blonde bombshell with boobicles that no matter how much running and jiggling I do without bra support, manage to stay looking absolutely perfect.

Now that is one giant fantasy I’m sure a lot of us have. Defying age and time and snapshoting our physical selves at a time we feel perfect.

I also spend a lot of time pretending I’m the next Avicii and making EDM music. In some countries they even buy it. Simple little appreciations that make me smile.

I can’t sing for peanuts. Wish I could. But do I care? Nope. It’s my fantasy, my dream and it makes me smile.

Every now and then when I do my videos I throw in my own music. In fact half of my YouTube channel is my own music. So you see, from reading a book to this, you need to find the things that make you smile that are just for you.

Never let anyone tell you that you can’t.


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