Time to play

Sometimes you just have to make the time to play.

I’m just on the bus headed into work and at 4.30pm today I’m a free woman for 4 days.

I have absolutely no plans whatsoever and that in itself is all I need.

My every day is very structured and I have to fit so much in, even my down time , that it begins to feel like I’m my own dictatorship.

The idea of a completely pyjama day and doing some music mixing and playing with my pixel girly, although solitary, I can’t wait!

If I bump into anyone along the way, great.

It’s Mothers Day here in the UK on Sunday. Presents!!!! Lol

My kids roll their eyes because since they became working adults I have started clapping like a seal because I love Mother’s Day. Breakfast in bed, dinner and spoiling. Who wouldn’t love that.

Sadly my own mum is not here to do the same for her but I know somewhere in that parallel universe we go to (I call it our matrix other life), she is watching and smiling.

To all the mums out there. Enjoy your day and just play.


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