If only

If only today I didn’t have to go to that meeting.

But yes, yes I do. 

It was sprung very last minute on me yesterday and last night I had to do a lot of background reading to familiarise myself.

Now I’m in a quandary.

I don’t agree with the person I’m representing. The process is correct and the individual has definitely got it wrong. 

She has to face this. But, how the hell do I confront this issue without upsetting an individual?

I often don’t agree with the employer. In fact, they’re usually doing something wrong. However this time they have actually excelled with doing everything right and then even going beyond that!

I never thought I would say that. Ever.

So this morning I’m preparing to explain to someone that they have had more than the support from the employer, but the employer is right to question their capability. 

I think after this I’ll need a stiff coffee to steady my nerves because the day I would ever agree with an employer is suddenly today. Good god!!!
But before I do, it’s always therapeutic to have a solitary moment and let the sea breeze take you away.







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