I am an island 

Some time ago I visited a clairvoyant/medium. Just for the hell of it and to see if anyone else could understand the ultimately complex crazy person that I am and can be.

It was rather spooky as she hit many nails on the head and it came out bang bang bang with no stopping for breath on her part.

What really hit me to the very core is her understanding and knowing who I am and without prompting or any such thing.

To the exterior I’m seen as a very bubbly outgoing confident person.  The person who speaks on behalf of others, fights many a cause and speaks my mind.

In the real life work place I’m known for this. On the internet I’m a face some have seen and assume much the same.

What the clairvoyant/medium picked up was the very heart of me, what and who I am. 

I am an island. 

I float in this world on my own despite the many friends etc around me. I’m solitary and resolve my own issues and ultimately fight my own battles.

In the virtual world I can extend that and express it far more than in my real life. Why? Because I’m not alone. Not really. In the virtual world there are many others like me, islands, floating.

I could sit here and tell you everything she told me that was spot on. But will save that for another time.

But to all the other “islands” out there. You are not alone.

Joined together we are continent, a world.


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