The Cheek

A few days ago after much dissatisfaction in the real world. Mainly because frankly at times it can suck on a grand scale, I decided to refurbish the pixel paradise home.

I visited the Cheeky Pea and went ummm just a lot crazy!

The sofa to die for. I do love leather and this is perfect and frankly I want it for my real world. Do you think the Cheeky Pea people could whip one up into my real living room?

My most favourite piece which actually may be my ever favourite piece in this paradise world since I came is the Aussie shaped wall book shelf. It’s a reminder of home and a piece of who I am in the virtual world. The place I’ve always called home.

I miss home big time.

It’s funny the sacrifices you make in life to be close to the important people. It can divide you inside and cut deep but you do it because to do otherwise the pain would be even deeper. 

I miss Australia intensely and yet the thought of leaving the UK is also a great pull on my heart. 

So if this little something in my virtual living room wall can bring me a smile, then it’s worth every linden. 



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