When you wish upon a world

There are times  I often sit alone and ponder what could be and what might have been.

Sometimes when I’m at work and it begins to feel like I have been there before, repeating the same motions and the same conversations, I can often find myself drifting in thought.

Today was one of those days.

Sometimes my mind works like a great movie production set and I set scenes in my head and work out the strategies of manipulating those scenes and how I would move each forward into a direction to play out a great ending.

Today I was thinking of the future. What would happen if in a blink of an eye, our world just became chaos and then quiet. What would we have, how would we survive, where would we go?

Just like the sim of Wastelands I visited tonight, would our world just become broken statues of what was before?

Would we be immersed in a fight to survive at all costs and would our humanness leave us because of the need to survive?

I actually wandered this sim and those adjoining and really for the first time in my SL presence was truly amazed at the expanse of this idea.

I’m definitely visiting again, because the potential for some of my big production endings, could very well rest amongst the ruins of the society that once stood……….

The final Solution

The Wastelands_001


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