Highway to nowhere

As I sit here on the bus going to work I’m wondering where this day will lead.

Actually most days I have this thought because guaranteed at least one thing out of the ordinary will happen each day. 

I guess if we could predict our days, maybe we would not get out of bed sometimes if we could get away with it.

One of the things I plan to take control of is a plan for my future career. 

After much talking and thinking and talking I have taken the most totally out there decision to take up study to change my career path. 

Late in life is a very daunting prospect but  also an exciting one.

I’m planning to go into study to become a solicitor. 

Try not to all laugh at once. I’ve tried hard to contain my own giggles at this crazy out there idea as well. BUT, frankly why not!!!

I’m investigative, always wanting to help people out of difficult situations, fairly intelligent when I get my head out the clouds and have the spare time that I can commit my evenings to some part time study.

Yes may take me a little longer than some, but why not.

So highway to nowhere?

No, I’m taking the road to something and the journey may be interesting, challenging and varied. But at least I’m giving it a shot.

In the meanwhile I am IsaB aka Liz looking forward to something new.

My second life


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