Hearts and Flowers

Apparently today is the day of love. So the commercial hype leads us to believe and approximately 75% of the population buys it.

I’m guesstimating at the 75% but I’m sure I’m not too far off the mark there.

So many couples are secretly buying each other gifts and cards to mark the day, some planning romantic experiences and meals that are to die for.

Me? Not much.

I have what is called an unrequited relationship. I want but there isn’t another who does.

As much as I don’t buy into the commerciality of it, I still believe in the romance of someone letting someone else know, “hey I fancy you” or even “hey I absolutely love you”.

Since I was a teenager, I secretly looked forward to Valentines day with much anticipation to see if one of the many boys I liked would possibly like me back. Nope they never did, or if they did, they chose not to let me know for one reason or another.

I have only ever received one Valentines card in my life and that was a boy named Emanuel at the age of 18, just as we finished high school.

I remember it well, he was not the handsome or popular boy. He was the science nerd who had his hair in some kind of comb over that always looked like he had rubbed spit across the front fringe to keep it in place.

I still have the card he gave me. It had a Labrador puppy on the front with two hearts. Inside was a photo of him on his parent really very 70’s leather sofa (yet we were in the late 80’s) and a few word telling me how beautiful I was and that he wanted me to know. Along with the card was my gift. A ball point pen with a lady in a bikini emblazoned on it and when you turned it up to write, her bikini dropped off and her boobicles  were on show.

Apparently he said the pen reminded him of me. Go figure on that!

I kept that card all these many years and sometimes I open up my box of sentiment and look at it and wonder what ever happened to Emanuel.

I’m guessing he grew into the most handsome man and became of one Australias top surgeons. Well not far off there as he did become a surgeon and from what friends have said, pretty well matured.

So today….no cards and not sentiments.

But it doesn’t matter. Its kind of nice anticipating each  Valentines .

So today it will be photography and exploring.

See you on a beach somewhere.Snapshot_175


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