Passing By

I was all set to drink my coffee and this voice suddenly says “mind if I join you”. Well I can  hardly say no considering its a public footpath.

I have no idea who this person is but it was pleasant to drink a pretend coffee and swap complete BS because we simply can.

After the day I have had it was needed to make some kind of human contact.

A person arrived back in my  life last night after me having  buried him  for a few years now. Not literally of course but metaphorically. ( Think about it…) He arrived by email not by person. So there is distance which is a good thing. Only for now. But a distance I want to end.

It has been very much  like a sore opening up  and I’m not sure I am able to cope with the impact of it. But loving someone like this is like a scab you need to pick at because you don’t know till you do. 

For now, it’s we shall see. I love him.

So I have re-boxed again and placed that under the bed for now.

While I was exploring trying to shrug off this weight on my day, I stopped and had a virtual coffee with silliness.

It was a nice moment and reminded me the world is full of different people and to not let myself forget  that.

Walking away Walking away






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