I have these conversations lately on a regular basis with a very esteemed barrister I have become involved with in my real life role doing union representation.

You could say we have become really good friends now and he actually listens to my thoughts and opinions on different matters and I would say values my opinions. Even though my opinions are not based on having a vast intellectual repertoire, he seems to like my candid, honest viewpoints which I guess have no BS involved.

Anyhow, I do feel at times inferior or less than about my achievements in life at times. I have touched on this when I was talking about the turning 50 milestone the other day. Not having achieved the little things you dreamed you would.

This evening we were yakking away and he asked me what my hobbies are.

Right out the blue he wanted to know what it is I do when I’m not doing what I do. ie work and helping people.

I gulped giant time. Not because I didn’t have anything to say, but I guess because I wondered what he would think of me, when I did say.

He told me he horse rides, reads and visits art galleries often. Quietly inside I thought “Jesus, how can I tell him, I will sound like a right twit”.

Anyhow as he rambled away about his hobbies, he suddenly says to me “Oh and I love giant sunflowers”. Then proceeded to tell me how each year he tries to grow the biggest sunflowers for the hell of it.

I guess at that moment I realised actually I don’t need to worry about what someone thinks about the things that make me happy, because heck he doesn’t and he was at ease to admit it.

He then asked me what I do. Well how can I explain my pixelated video hobby and my interest in music which should probably be left to the “youngins”

So I said, “I wont  tell you, I will show you” and sent him an email with links to my you tube channels and Soundcloud.

If you see in the news tomorrow about a woman being straight jacketed and taken to a detention centre for the insane. That will be me!

So I go to bed now, wondering if tomorrow when I wake, my friend the barrister will consider me nuts or normal.

Let the courts decide!!!!



Meanwhile I may take up  bike riding, when I can remember where the bike is….Snapshot_172

Of course maybe I could take up growing sunflowers. What do you think?




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