Let’s pretend

I’ve decided I might partner myself. Well my boy Edward who is my bot for film making.

Yep you have read that correctly. I visited a sim last night to take a few pics. You know, the usual thing you do when you’re not doing anything else.

There was a guy there and we said pleasantries. I mentioned I’m there to take photos for Flickr and he commented on that yes he knew and for me to follow him.

Clearly dumbo here did. Why? Because I figured he was going to show me the best bit of the sim for said photo opportunity. After all he being part owner, you would think that would be his moment to sell sell sell how wonderful his sim is.

What he did was in fact take me to part of the island and rezzes a tiki headhunter beach bungalow with a couple sex bed inside. Asked me what I thought, I said yeah lovely little section thinking he was asking for my female observations.

Next thing I know he is asking me if I wanted to rent it so that I can cheat. Oh my word!!!!

Seriously, do I want to rent his little hut thingy so I can schmooxle my pixels with another. Well firstly I’m not partnered so I have no need to cheat and secondly, err why would I pay to do so!!!
So I’m figuring if I partner Edward, I can cheat on him with my other video bot Ziggy! 

Yeah maybe not. 

 Seriously nothing more stranger at times than folk!


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