Doctors and Nurses

This has been a really strange weekend for me in the real world.

Nothing I planned on Friday morning has gone quite to plan.

It started with Friday night having a major calf cramp that strangely went on for approximately 40 minutes of gripping pain.  Then admission to the hospital to make sure I wasn’t suffering a DVT.

Well I can assure you if that was the case, I would not be sat here right now writing this.

It was a  bitter sweet experience to say the least. One minute I was sitting on my sofa in a Skype call with “him” across the world and the next saw me throwing my iPhone 6 across the sofa and screaming in pain. The kinda of pain that actually I can honestly say surpassed the birth of my two children.

Now that’s pain!

Scream I did. My son who is totally a chilled kind of dude even panicked and rang the emergency services

This culminated in discussions with the operator then discussions with a paramedic, then discussion with an on call doctor and a trip- to hospital.

I have to say however I was seen pretty instantly and clearly I need to be thankful for that as often I have visited accident and emergency to face hours of waiting.

I was whisked into the examination room and all sorts of tests were performed and of course a lot of feeling of my leg and the usual blood pressure  tests.

What actually really made my night was when the doctor, a male I might add, said he was going to give me a little prick. Of course with my mind in the early hours of the morning anything can happen.  “oh shall I get my friend to leave the room as after all she shouldn’t see me being given a prick”

The doctor did not look amused and so I returned to my sorry looking self and behaved.

After taking some blood from my finger he placed it on this contraption . After approximately 5 minutes he announced “Congratulations you are not pregnant!”

It seems even at 1 am in the morning in accident and emergency, a sense of humour can be found.

Anyhow today I decided to find my own Edward and be his Bella…

Courtesy of Redgrave skins  I transformed my male bot into the perfect partner for my avatar.

I became his living Bella.



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