On the bus on my way to work and despite my extreme tiredness, excited. It’s Friday and I’m out of that place in 8 hours to do as I please for a few days.

“He” commented last night in one of our many skype conversations how he couldn’t understand going to something each day that didn’t bring me happiness and joy. Well yes I agree in that.

But in real life often we don’t have the choices we would dream to have unfortunately.

So yes each day I go to work for an employer I have lost trust and faith in but do so because who else will pay my bills. I’m a single fourty something woman after all. 

 How many of you also do that?

I’m guessing quite a lot of my friends also  don’t hold down their dream careers because life got in the way.

So what stops us from just going ahead and taking those chances? What stops us from being who we want to be?

I’m not quite sure. What I do know is that often we rely too much on the opinions of others when we make decisions. Well I have done anyhow.

I have in the past sought affirmation from other people. Be it my parents, partners, friends before making some of the decisions I have made.

Yet actually I’m now learning my gut instinct is trustworthy and if I’m going to place that unequivocal trust in anything, why not simply trust myself . Reach for that dream and who cares if I keep falling backward. Simply stand up again and keep trying. Because eventually if we try hard enough, we do get what we want. 


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