A Quandary

img_2526The past week I’ve been in a bit of a quandary.

Not sure, but that feeling of being out of sorts.

I’ve been asked to go live in Darwin by “him”. At first when the suggestions were made, I didn’t take them seriously. That would be because it’s so easy to fantasise etc I’ve learnt to be a little cautious with going with any flow till I’m 100% certain something what is said is meant.

But he has continued to suggest a future that does sound great.

But. We haven’t met!

How can I make decisions so huge based on Skype conversations ?

I’ve only seen him again once for a few moments and admit that I was like “wow” when I did see him.

He has seen me the once and of course my real life is not hidden and so has seen my photos on the Internet as I am now.

But, it’s not the same is it, unless your standing in front of someone.

How far can I let myself go on this before I have to face reality?

This is the part of long distance Internet I struggle with as its so easy to allow yourself to open up, but what do you do after that?

My feelings are pretty real and yet I still am unsure what his are. Because he has never said. So I have never said.

So what do I do? SHOP!!!!


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