Floating in space

Did you ever have that feeling you were just floating?

You don’t know where you are, you don’t know where you’re going. In fact, you aren’t even sure where you came from in the first place.

That is  how my current day feels to me at this moment in time.

I’m sure I will revisit these thoughts in another 24 hours and wonder where they came from. But for now, right here, right in this moment, I am floating.

For a number of weeks I was spending time in the virtual planet with someone, talking incessantly and enjoying that getting to know a person experience. Suddenly those heady weeks have disappeared and suddenly, I feel like I must have imagined the experience.

We no longer spend hours talking. But if I’m reasonable about that, its because time zones don’t match and one of us would have to live on no sleep  for the other to be happy. That’s not doable with a real life to consider.

Then of course there is that thing called feelings that creep in and suddenly like a rug, knock you for six and you ask yourself where did that come from.

I’m asking myself it and wondering exactly what I do with it .

Those feelings that sit on the tip of my tongue, but I never speak about because we are just mates, people that knock about together and love to talk.

Seriously what do you do with feelings that you probably cannot express because you know the other person doesn’t appear to feel them in return?

I cant say anything for fear of ruining a great friendship, but at the same time, things get said that lead me to think maybe there is something reciprocated. Seriously what do you do?

Well SIMPLE, I shop!!!

By god have I been shopping lately. In fact its been non stop this past week and I’m sure SL creators must be loving my enthusiasm for a great outfit.

I’m seriously loving going absolutely sparky at the moment and changing my outfit as many times as I change my knickers in real life. At the very least twice a day! The very least.

That is simply how I roll.

As for the man…..

I’ll continue to contemplate.Snapshot_078


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