For you I could

The Music says it all.

Kudos to  The Iconic Spell and Unexpected Error for the locations.








It’s hard

Yesterday someone I haven’t spoken to in over a year made contact with me.

She was my best friend for many years but over time became an aquaintance. 

She is an alcoholic. Her children lost their mum the day she walked out on them for a man who wasn’t their father.  She became hurtful, hostile and vile to her children in her attempts to expect their forgiveness and only made things worse.

She contacted me yesterday to then blame me for her children not wanting to know her. Those children are the same age as mine, 23 and 26. They made their own minds up.

Today I’m messaging her son who has suffered emotionally over the past 2.5 years as a result to tell him that for his own release inside to forgive her. Because it’s a sickness, it’s not really her.

Alcoholism affects the person both physically and mentally. It destroys families and friends and leaves a very in removable mark on people’s lives.

I’m really sad that someone who was once, fun, vibrant, savvy and a great mum, has lost all of those qualities because of a bottle.

Forgiveness is hard. But for the people affected it’s the only way you can move forward and let something go. It doesn’t mean you keep that person in your life. It means you let them go but you reconcile in yourself .

Washing cars is a good distraction so hence my pixelated bombshell can just do. 





I’m not going to ramble today about life and all such things.

I’m feeling quite perky about just simply shopping and being a girl.

Of course I saw that everyone went straight to Blueberry today and being a real Blueberry devotee I tried my luck in the teleport roulette to get there to buy this bad boy.

So I made a video.





If only

If only today I didn’t have to go to that meeting.

But yes, yes I do. 

It was sprung very last minute on me yesterday and last night I had to do a lot of background reading to familiarise myself.

Now I’m in a quandary.

I don’t agree with the person I’m representing. The process is correct and the individual has definitely got it wrong. 

She has to face this. But, how the hell do I confront this issue without upsetting an individual?

I often don’t agree with the employer. In fact, they’re usually doing something wrong. However this time they have actually excelled with doing everything right and then even going beyond that!

I never thought I would say that. Ever.

So this morning I’m preparing to explain to someone that they have had more than the support from the employer, but the employer is right to question their capability. 

I think after this I’ll need a stiff coffee to steady my nerves because the day I would ever agree with an employer is suddenly today. Good god!!!
But before I do, it’s always therapeutic to have a solitary moment and let the sea breeze take you away.






I am an island 

Some time ago I visited a clairvoyant/medium. Just for the hell of it and to see if anyone else could understand the ultimately complex crazy person that I am and can be.

It was rather spooky as she hit many nails on the head and it came out bang bang bang with no stopping for breath on her part.

What really hit me to the very core is her understanding and knowing who I am and without prompting or any such thing.

To the exterior I’m seen as a very bubbly outgoing confident person.  The person who speaks on behalf of others, fights many a cause and speaks my mind.

In the real life work place I’m known for this. On the internet I’m a face some have seen and assume much the same.

What the clairvoyant/medium picked up was the very heart of me, what and who I am. 

I am an island. 

I float in this world on my own despite the many friends etc around me. I’m solitary and resolve my own issues and ultimately fight my own battles.

In the virtual world I can extend that and express it far more than in my real life. Why? Because I’m not alone. Not really. In the virtual world there are many others like me, islands, floating.

I could sit here and tell you everything she told me that was spot on. But will save that for another time.

But to all the other “islands” out there. You are not alone.

Joined together we are continent, a world.

Sometimes I wonder why

It has to be said sometimes I wonder why.

People come and go in our lives but we never truly understand the purpose at the time.

Right now I’m not sure but given some time perhaps I’ll understand why things just happen.

The past few days I’ve been split between a reality and the virtuality. I changed my virtual home dramaticallyin order to embrace a relationship transition. I guess it was my way of acknowledging an existence of something.

Yet, the very minute I complete this change, the relationship appears to have become something that I can’t be quite sure actually ever existed.

Perhaps only in my mind.
I just wonder why, now, suddenly it changed.





The Cheek

A few days ago after much dissatisfaction in the real world. Mainly because frankly at times it can suck on a grand scale, I decided to refurbish the pixel paradise home.

I visited the Cheeky Pea and went ummm just a lot crazy!

The sofa to die for. I do love leather and this is perfect and frankly I want it for my real world. Do you think the Cheeky Pea people could whip one up into my real living room?

My most favourite piece which actually may be my ever favourite piece in this paradise world since I came is the Aussie shaped wall book shelf. It’s a reminder of home and a piece of who I am in the virtual world. The place I’ve always called home.

I miss home big time.

It’s funny the sacrifices you make in life to be close to the important people. It can divide you inside and cut deep but you do it because to do otherwise the pain would be even deeper. 

I miss Australia intensely and yet the thought of leaving the UK is also a great pull on my heart. 

So if this little something in my virtual living room wall can bring me a smile, then it’s worth every linden.