Let me introduce….

My Mirror image!

Well ok, maybe not really but inside the real person is the real avatar and vice versa.

I am the same person in both worlds, the only real distinction is the avatar physically has maintained gravity and will forever look 25.

The real person continues to age and experience the limitations that aging imposes on all human beings ultimately.

There was a time I considered aging my avatar and inflicting gravitational pull on her boobicles and skin that doesn’t spring back when pulled. But, I decided if only in my virtual reality why not dream a little longer.

She shops and can wear simply anything and look a million dollars. Her hair never requires root touch ups, she can eat whatever she fancies and she NEVER has to go to the gym!

The real me however, has regular root touch ups, it would take a million dollars to dress me, I can only eat a lettuce leaf if I want that body and the gym? I should go, but …… 

 Dream I shall.


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