Looking inside on reality

I’m on the bus as I write this. Actually, for most of my posts I’m on the bus.

It’s that one time of day I get some peace that is interrupted, until of course it’s time to get off.

Lately I’ve neglected so many things I love to do, because of the time factor and slowly I’m burning out I think.

I met someone who I speak to every single night in skype. Hours on end. Honestly about all sorts of subjects that I often wonder, wow, where do we find this stuff to talk about.

It’s however having an impact on me emotionally, physically and generally mentally.

When you spend a lot of time with someone in a virtual scenario, you tend to  develop a lot faster than if you were in a traditional date situation.

I’m guessing it’s because in that virtual cocoon you spend the time talking, exchanging thoughts, opinions, likes, dislikes and so on. But in the more traditional sense, your time is spent in a more physical proximity and all that talking etc is more limited because you are more on guard and exploring the more physical prescence of a person. The getting to know that person then tends to take much longer.
Im not sure where it goes from here to be honest. But I want to find out.

Reality, then rears its ugly head and I wake up.


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