When we stop

Today was a very mixed day in my real life.

It was the third funeral I have been to in 12 months and the second for a work colleague in that 12 months. Both work colleagues are people I have helped in my role as a union representative.  Something I do on top of my day job which more often than not, overwhelms me with such emotions and feelings of stress, but at the same time I can feel a sense of purpose or rather satisfaction I’m contributing something and helping people.

Last year were two suicides. One a work colleague and another personal friend. Both left me feeling incredibly helpless and angry and frustrated and all the other emotions you want to throw in there.

Today was a lady who I helped and who had a great outcome and who was by all intents and purposes enjoying her early retirement and living.

In August 2015 she found out she had  a large tumour adjacent to her bladder. When they went in to operate, they discovered they could not remove it because it was so large and attaching itself to other organs that the only treatment recommended was the start of Chemotherapy.

Unfortunately not long after starting this treatment, she went on to suffer a major stroke and passed away on the 14th December.

Todays service in memory and honour of her life really got to me. To listen to her family and close friends speak so wonderfully of her and realising there was so much about her that I really didn’t know, until today.

I came home and escaped into my virtual reality and connected in Skype to someone who makes me smile.

It has all made me really stop and think.

What if.Snapshot_063



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