Letting your hair down

Snapshot_039Sometimes you just have to go against the norm and let your hair down and live a little.

Each day I do a little  something on those lines, but of course its nothing anyone would ever notice in my real life existence, unless of course I chose to tell them.

Visiting a virtual reality is one of those things that I do, where I am me, but I am the other side of me. Not the 40 something mother who works in an office doing a stressful role 9-5,  five days a week.

In the virtual world I am where I was 20 something years ago. Carefree and without having to answer to  people. It can be liberating or as lonely as I choose to make it. But its my own piece of the world.

I love fashion in second life and have found my little pixel vixen has become more fashion conscious and will now change her clothes every day. Which is contrary to a few years ago where I would wear the same outfit for weeks on end simply because it didn’t matter. I mean, really at that time I thought, who cared.

But actually it does in some strange peculiar way as its that extension of real life me. I do change my clothes every day in real life  and I do invest the time to make sure I look my best, ready to take on any sudden twist and turn life can take me to.

So this transcends to the virtual world. However in real life I cannot dress the same because frankly, I don’t quite look like my virtual girl  and fashion of this calibre in the real world, I simply cannot afford.

Money, location and all those fundamentals do kind of dictate how our fashion personalities are in the real world.

In our second lives, the choice is becoming endless. There are some truly amazing clothes makes, hair stylists, mesh bodies, skins etc that just when you put them all together create you.


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