Pretty Lady

One of the many reasons I stay in second life is that it allows the very creative side of me to come out. Despite the often lonely road I travel, it can be fun and interesting to see what other people around the world create and enjoy.

I can disappear and just be me and do what I do well which is to just disappear and imagine.

I love photography, video and ultimately making music.

When I make a lot of the machinima that I have over the past few years, I have used my own music in between using chart music. Its a platform to let people hear and I enjoy knowing that they get a visual with the sound.

Its only in the past few weeks I have managed to get myself a computer system that will truly work with the machinima as I want it. Prior to this I was living on a song and prayer with a rusty old laptop that had to not only master my music but then render video. It certainly was failing toward the end and so I took the plunge to purchase.

Its amazing now what I can see, that was never seen before in second life because I didn’t have the capacity in the graphics. One word, WOW!

I certainly look at my avatar and think, Pretty lady!

Pretty LadySnapshot_025



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